Hartz Chew N’ Clean Dental Duo Bones Review

It’s a chew toy. It’s a treat. Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dental Duo Bones combine the best of both worlds for your pet.

HARTZ Chew N' Clean Dental Duo Dog Chew Toy Bacon Flavor, Medium 1 ea(Pack of 6)
HARTZ Chew N' Clean Dental Duo Dog Chew Toy Bacon Flavor, Medium 1 ea(Pack of 6)*
by Hartz
  • Bacon-flavored, safe and long-lasting chew toy and treat
  • Massages gums
  • Helps minimize plaque and tartar
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Your dog’s dental health is important. If left unchecked, Serious problems could spring up that could cost a fortune in vet bills. A simple cleaning runs somewhere between $200 and $300. Senior dogs are in the $325 to $425 range. That’s just for basic cleaning. When you start adding in tooth extraction and deep cleaning, you could be looking at over $700!

That’s why preventative maintenance with products like Hartz Chew N’Clean Dental Duo Bones is in your best interest.

Dogs love to Chew

It is in a dog’s nature to chew. In the wild, dogs chew bones to get every last bit of nutrients from the bone they can. They spend a lot of time chewing on bones. It is hardwired in them. As domesticated animals. Dogs are fed healthy foods. The need to chew and get those nutrients is gone, but the act of chewing is still inside of them. It is a rewarding experience.

It also has health benefits. Like strengthening and cleaning teeth. the act of chewing builds strong gums and healthy teeth as well as producing saliva that helps wash away impurities and keep the mouth clean.

Why Hartz Chew N’ Clean Dental Duo Bones?

Hartz Chew N' Clean Dental Duo BonesHartz Chew n’ Clean Dental Duo Bones satisfy your dog’s need to chew. With the help of the bacon flavoring and scent, They really get the saliva flowing.

The nylon shell makes for a long-lasting chewing experience for your dog. One that stimulates the gums and scrapes plaque and tartar from their teeth. It also satisfies the need to chew. This leads to a better mental state for your four-legged friend.

Choose the Right Chew n’ Clean Bone for Your Dog

Hartz knows dogs come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why they make their Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dental Duo Bones in all shapes and sizes, too.

Extra Small

These extra small Dental Duo Bones are perfect for dogs weighing in at under 10 pounds. Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Maltese, and Papillon are some of the breeds that would fit into this category.  The extra small Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dental Duo Bones come in red, purple, blue, and yellow and are all bacon flavored.


There’s kind of a big range in small/medium dogs. This group would include dogs that weigh between 10 and 65 pounds. Small dog breeds such as Corgis, Miniature Bull Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Miniature Poodles, and Beagles come in on the small side of the range, typically weighing less than 30 pounds. Medium dogs would be from 30 up to 65 pounds and include breeds like Bassett Hounds, Staffordshire Terriers, Boxers, Australian Shepherds, and Labs. The small/medium Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dental Duo Bones come in Green, Orange,  and Blue. They also have that great sizzlin’ bacon flavor.


Large breed dogs like the Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, Old English Sheep Dog, German Shepherd, and Dobermans will need this large chew. They come in green, orange and blue, and, you guessed it, Bacon flavored.

Who should not use these bones?

You know your dog. Heavy, excessive chewers may want to try a different option like the Hartz Chew n’ Clean Tuff Bone*. No matter the product, You should always supervise your pet while they are playing or chewing and replace the bones once severe wear shows.

About Hartz

The Hartz brand has been around since 1932. Started by a German immigrant to America who found his place by selling singing canaries to department stores in New York, Hartz has been focused on Pets from the very beginning. Their first product was birdseed and they expanded from there.

Today, the company boasts over 1500 brands and caters to birds, fish, cats, dogs, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils. I have probably missed some others. But, chances are, if you can keep it in the house as a pet, Hartz has a product for it.

They care about animals and strive to strengthen the bond between animals and their owners by providing quality, affordable products to the pet care marketplace.

Wrap up

The Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dental Duo bones are not meant to be a replacement for brushing your dog’s teeth. Yes, you should do that, too, but just like flea and tick protection, prevention is worth a pound of cure. And, isn’t it better for your dog to relieve his natural chewing instinct on something he’s allowed to chew on rather than say…your new furniture set? We definitely think so.




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