Are Cats Happy Indoors? Really?

Are Cats Happy Indoors?Cats are pets that like exploring outside. They have a tendency to move around. So, when they are allowed to go outside they get to have mental stimulation as well as reduce stress. But, are cats happy indoors? They get to enjoy a bigger territory from where they can play and run around. The diverse environment that is available to them helps in stimulating them.

Outdoors may be more appealing to cats since they are in a position to nurture their natural behavior. Cats are known for their spraying and scratching behavior and they are able to do it naturally when they are outside. They will not be reprimanded by the owner since they are not indoors.

Cats are hunters and they love killing animals for fun. So, it is only natural for them to love the outdoors since they have the opportunity to hunt rodents and birds. When a cat is stalking its prey and running to catch it, it releases endorphins in the brain that is responsible for its happiness.

The outdoor environment provides a myriad of various textures, smells, tastes, sights, and sounds for the cat. Since the environment is ever-changing, this provides the cat with the perfect place to stimulate its senses and have a mental workout.

Safety of Cats Indoors Vs. Outdoors

indoor catIndoor and outdoor spaces pose safety concerns for the cat. There are risks associated with outdoors such as injuries on the road or from contact with other cats or animals, diseases contracted from other cats and the outdoor environment, parasites such as ticks, internal worms and fleas, and outdoor poisons.

Indoor spaces pose risks such as the cat becoming obese because of being cooped up inside. Besides, the cat may suffer from diabetes because of their sedentary lifestyle, household products that may poison the cat.

What If My Indoor Cat Wants to Go Outside?

This question is one of the toughest for cat owners. Both sides are divided into their own views. The decision to let the cat go outside or stay indoors should be made after assessing the personality of the cat, preference of the owner, the outside environment and health.

Cats that are kept indoors should have means of exhibiting their natural behavior so as to ensure they reduce their dependency on the owner and enhance their welfare. There is some environment that is conducive for cats to be outside.

Should you let your cat go outside, make sure that you protect it from other cats. Have it on an escape-proof leash or a confined space where other cats cannot get in.  Such as a Kitty Condo. Ensure that the cat is supervised when it is outside. This will prevent other strays from coming into contact with her. More so, take the cat to the veterinarian annually for vaccination and screening.


Cats have been domesticated for such a long time. They have been used to living indoors with humans. Are cats happy indoors? The only way to tell if a cat is happy being indoors or outdoors is to study your cat. Does it want to go outside every time you open the door? All in all, a cat should be allowed to go outside once in a while but ensure that it has been vaccinated and is always under supervision.

11 Completely Disgusting Facts About Cats

disgusting facts about catsCats are more popular than dogs. A report on research done shows that cats are the most popular pets in America. The study found, there are 88 million cats while the number of dogs is 74million.
It is interesting to learn that the cat we love has some disgusting traits. Our favorite cat may look cute but they are gross at times. For a cat owner, they may not be as perturbed by the gross behavior of their cat as much as a non-cat person might be. So read on to find out some disgusting facts about cats that you never knew.

Totally Disgusting Facts About Cats

1. Cats Eat Their Own Vomit

Cats are choosy when it comes to what they eat. Sometimes, cats vomit so that they can empty their stomach. This may be as a result of eating something that didn’t sit well with them or eating a lot of food. What is surprising is the fact that they eat their vomit. There is no scientific explanation for this disgusting behavior. But, some people tend to think that the pre-vomit food and vomit have a similar taste and smell. That is why your cat is not perturbed by it.

2. Some Cats Poop Outside the Litter Box

Cats are clean animals. They clean themselves after they pee and poop. But at times you will find that your cat is not using the litter box. Some cats may be doing so since they have a medical related issue while at times, it may be a behavioral condition. Researchers cite, your cat may be pooping outside the litter box as a way of letting people know who is in charge.

3. Cats Drag Their Butts Across the Floor

The sight of a cat dragging its butt on the floor can be a spectacle that brings about looks of horror. A cat does this as a way of cleaning the feces clinging on its butt. This happens when their stool is soft or when they diarrhea. Don’t you just love these disgusting facts about cats?

4. A Cat Will Eat You Immediately If You Die

If you live alone with your cat and die in the house, the chances of your body staying there for some days are high. Since you were the primary caretaker of your cat, no one will be there to feed the cat. So, it will go hungry.
Experts have discovered that a cat will eat your corpse within 1- 2 days after you die. This is regardless of how good of a caretaker you were. To the cat, you are a source of food. A cat was found to have eaten the corpse of a Romanian woman who died in the house in 2008. She used to live alone with the cat.

5. Cats Want to Share What They Have Killed with You

disgusting facts about catsIf you have an indoor/outdoor cat, it is possible that they may have brought back a dead bird or mouse. While the cat may be trying to share their bounty with you, it is disgusting to think of eating a mouse or a bird. This can be traumatizing when you kiss the cat a few moments later.

6. Cats Like to Kill Innocent Animals

Cats are instinctual and natural hunters. According to a study conducted in 2013, domestic cats are responsible for killing more than 20 billion small animals such as voles, birds, chipmunks, and mice. The disgusting part is that they do not do it because they are hungry rather, they do it for fun. The study found that a cat spends a third of its day outside killing animals.

7. Some Cats Pee Anywhere

The smell of a cat’s urine is very strong. Besides being disgusting, the smell is hard to eradicate. If you have male cats that are not neutered, you will notice that the cats keep on spraying urine. They do this with the aim of marking their territory. Some cats might reject using the litter box. This may be as a result of a urinary tract infection they have. So, they associate the pain they experience when peeing with the litter box. It is advisable to take a cat that is spraying urine to the vet as soon as you find out.

8. Cats Show Off Their Butts

It is interesting how cats greet humans. They say their hellos by showing off their butts to humans. That is a disgusting behavior that humans cannot do. But, experts say that cats use body language to communicate. So when a cat opens itself up for a sniff, you should take it as a compliment. Since they only do that in front of trusted friends.

9. Cats Lick the Butt of Other Cats

Nothing is as gross as cats licking each other’s butt. You would wonder why they would do such a disgusting thing! Cat Wisdom 101 cites that, cats greet each other by butt licking and sniffing. Essentially, butt licking and sniffing is a handshake for animals without opposable thumbs.

10. Some Cats Enjoy Licking Earwax

cats eat earwaxSome cats are weird and are stranger than others. Some cats are obsessed with the human earwax so much so, that they attempt to lick the ear of the owner. This can be disgusting for people who do not like their ears licked or they are not cat-people.

11. Cats Drink Water from The Toilet Bowl

Been a cat owner, one has to be used to putting down the toilet lid after use. Yet, you might forget to close the toilet lid and find your cat drinking water from the toilet bowl. Cats think that the toilet bowl is their gigantic water bowl. If you find out that your cat is drinking from the toilet bowl, check if there is water in its water bowl. In fairness, dogs do that, too.

Wow! Cats are Disgusting Animals.

In conclusion, these are some of the disgusting facts about cats that we have to deal with. Nonetheless, there are some things that humans do that are perplexing to cats. It all about being subjective. But, cats make the most amazing pets and companion for any home.

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