5 Outdoor Kitty Condos Better Than My First Apartment

My neighbors have outdoor cats. A ton of them. Most of the time they are over here at my place. I see them out in the yard rain or shine. Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors have a place for these kitties to get in out of the elements. I thought about something up here that they could use. When I started researching outdoor kitty condos online, I realized that these things are nice. Really nice.

Our 5 Favorite Outdoor Kitty Condos

Outdoor kitty condosFirst up is this 2 story cat house put out by Petsfit. Take a look at the close-up photos  and you will see the quality we are dealing with in this kitty condo.

If the overall styling of this kitty crash pad isn’t enough to catch your attention, take a look at some of the features.


The wood is cedar. It is the perfect wood for outdoor use because it resists rot from the weather. It also contains oils that damage-causing pests, like ants, don’t like. Under normal conditions, the wood in this condo would last about 3 years.


The paint is safe for pets. If you have a light chewer, you don’t need to worry. The paint is water-based. It will withstand the elements without peeling, and there is no need to add any type of waterproofing product.

Easy to assemble.

This 2 story kitty condo comes with all holes pre-drilled. The set-up is easy and the whole thing goes together in just a few steps.

Take a look at this kitty condo* by Petsfit now and explore all of the features.

The Trixie 3-Story Cat House

Outdoor Cat Houses

This Cat House by Trixie is one of the most luxurious outdoor kitty condos on the list.

There are three floors for your kitty to explore, climb, jump, and play. And speaking of play, The peek-a-boo holes on the front allow you to check in and see what kitty is doing. Be careful you don’t get a paw in the eye when they catch you!


cat mansion
Inside view of Trixie outdoor cat house

The floor of the kitty condo sits off the ground. This allows for air to flow underneath. The air flow helps to prevent mold, mildew, and rot caused by moisture. It also helps to keep the smell down. It also protects your cat from chill from the ground. The entire unit sits on four composite feet. This is another feature to prevent rot and increase the life of the cat house.


The Cathouse by Trixie is completely weatherproof. The entry hole on the side is covered by plastic slats that help keep the wind, rain, and snow out and keeps some of the warmth in.  The solid pine construction stands up to the elements to keep your kitty safe and comfortable.

This kitty condo has great look overall. It will make a great addition to your backyard or garden. the outdoor kitty condo measures 22″x23″x37″, so it won’t take up much space. It also comes in other sizes if you are looking for something a bit bigger or smaller.

Trixie Pet Products 3-Story Cat's House*
Trixie Pet Products 3-Story Cat's House
Price: $ 105.61
Buy now at Amazon*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

Kitty Tube Gen 3 Outdoor Cat House

Heated Cat HouseLooking for a Heated Cat House for Winter? Don’t pass up the Kitty Tube. This little cat condo may not look like much on the outside, but it is packed with features that you won’t get from models that sell for a lot more.

First of all, The Kitty Tube is an insulated outdoor cathouse for multiple cats. There is only one other house on our list of outdoor kitty condos and it is nowhere near as sophisticated as this.

The Kitty Tube is made from 100% Recycled parts. That’s right. It’s Green. The plastic shell is made from recycled milk jugs and laundry detergent containers. This keeps more trash out of landfills. Best of all, it’s Made in the USA. Buying this product helps build a stronger America and keeps your neighbors working.

Little innovations like turning the carrying handles into vent holes to provide air flow through the Kitty Condo, make this one of the most unique outdoor kitty condos on the market.

The kitty condo’s one piece construction creates a smooth interior. It is easy to hose out when it needs cleaning. The domed shape makes it incredibly water resistant. And the low-profile and rounded shape resist wind and make kitty comfy.

Need more insulation? An extra cushion or straw bedding for feral cats? Kitty tube has you covered with accessories you can add on after the fact. You can customize your kitty tube to meet your cat’s needs.

The Kitty Tube is virtually maintenance free. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything would happen to go wrong, you’re covered.



Petsfit 2-Story Kitty Cat Condo With Escape Door

This good looking kitty condo by Petsfit will accommodate 2 or three cats. If red isn’t your thing, It comes in other colors, too.

Like other outdoor kitty condos on the list by Petsfit, this cat house is made of durable cedar wood. Cedar resists rot and decay from insects and in damp locations. This makes it the perfect use for outdoor furniture and structures.

The 2-story kitty condo with escape door comes in a flat pack box. But, don’t worry pre-drilled holes makes for easy assembly.

The roof slants slightly so the rain will run right off.  It also gives your cats another vantage point to sit and inspect their yard. There are two balconies for hanging out, too. The roof lifts on hinges for easy cleaning or finding hidden kitties inside the house.

Speaking of rain,  water-based paint makes the entire exterior weather-resistant. It is safe for your cat and keeps the elements out. The raised floor design allows air flow through t the unit and eliminates ground chill.

Safety First

Why an escape door? Well, if another neighborhood cat would happen to wander into the kitty condo, your cat can escape without a fight. This is especially important if a raccoon or opossum, that might carry rabies, would wander in looking for shelter.

The size of this condo will fit nicely into any backyard. At 20″x20″x32″ it doesn’t take up much real estate at all.


K&H Products Heated Outdoor Kitty House

Heated Outdoor Kitty Condo for Multiple CatsThe only one of our outdoor kitty condos that offers a heated feature is the Heated Outdoor Kitty House by K&H Products.


If you live in one of the colder climates in the United States and you have an outdoor cat, you need to pick up one of these outdoor kitty condos. The patented Lectro-Soft Heating pad will keep your kitty toasty and warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

If you are looking for an outdoor heated cat house for multiple cats, K& H has a solution for that as well.

There are many models to choose from including different colors as well as heated and non-heated models.The heated units come with flaps for both doors to keep the heat inside where it belongs. Yes, I said both doors. There is an exit and an entrance to allow your kitty to escape any potential predators that might come looking for them in the safety of the house.

Use it Anywhere Easy Setup

Perfect for use in barns, sheds, patios, and basements. Assembly is a zip, literally. The roof zips together and the walls fasten with hook and loop fasteners like velcro. No tools required. Don’t let that fool you. This outdoor kitty condo is sturdy and made to stand up to the elements. Construction is 600 denier Polyester. 600 denier polyester is polyester covered in urethane. It is water resistant and most notably used in luggage, purses and air duct systems.

Wrap Up

Having cats is a wonderful experience. They offer friendship, companionship, love, and so much more. Whether it is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, a Stray that just showed up on your doorstep or a cat you raised from a kitten, You want to give them the best possible life you can in return for all they have given you.

Thanks for looking at our list of outdoor kitty condos. If there is a feature you really liked or is there is another condo on the market that you think should be on the list but isn’t, Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by.


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